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NFL Power Rankings: Aaron Rodgers Made Me Do It

1. Green Bay Packers (+1)

Aaron Rodgers solidified the MVP award Sunday night against the Titans, throwing for 4 more touchdowns and easily winning 40-14. Green Bay is playing like the best team in the league right now and that's why, for the first time this season, someone other than the Chiefs are ranked #1. I don't know who in the NFC can challenge the Packers if Rodgers continues his form. All I know is a Packers-Chiefs Super Bowl sounds great too me.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (-1)

Okay, before Chiefs fans flip out, I still think they are the best roster in the league and I genuinely do think they still are my favorite to win the Super Bowl. The problem is, they simply aren't playing very well right now. Kansas City should have lost this week to the Falcons. Not only did the Atlanta kicker miss a 35 yarder to tie the game as time expired, Calvin Ridley dropped a poorly thrown Matt Ryan touchdown pass seconds before. I don't know if the Chiefs are bored or don't care, but they need to return to their championship form sooner rather than later. Look at the other AFC teams. Do they feel comfortable playing like this against the Bills? Ravens? even the Browns??

3. Buffalo Bills (-)

The Bills did exactly what I thought they would Monday night against the Patriots(I nearly predicted the exact score of the game in the preview). They wanted too embarrass Bill Belichick like he had for the past 17 years. If it wasn't for Aaron Rodgers career season, we would be giving the MVP to Josh Allen. The Allen-Diggs connection may be the best in the league and will certainly help them in the playoffs when chemistry becomes even more important.

4. Baltimore Ravens (-)

One of the most underrated victories of week 16 was the Ravens win over the Giants. The Ravens had their way against the Gmen on both sides of the football, and even showed a great pass rush for really the first time all season. Baltimore is still missing a few key pieces in the secondary that should be returning before the playoffs, including turnover specialist Marcus Peters. With the Colts loss Sunday, Baltimore now looks to be a lock for the playoffs and will be a scary matchup for a division winner in the AFC.

5. Seattle Seahawks (-)

Another team that a lot of people are overlooking are the 11-4 Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks handled business Sunday against a tough Rams team and have now won five of the last six games. Much like the Ravens, the defense has been the key to Seattle's turn around and make them a very tough matchup in the playoffs for anyone. The defense now has allowed 17 points or less in five games straight. And you know, Russell Wilson always seems to play his best under pressure in big playoff games.(just not that one play in that one super bowl) (I still blame Pete Carroll) (You had Marshawn Lynch wtf?????)

6. New Orleans Saints (-)

Alvin Kamara is a problem. He should be so mad at his offensive coordinator for not allowing him to get a record breaking 7th rushing touchdown Saturday against the Vikings. The Saints literally had the ball at the 1 yard line and took out Kamara and put in Taysom Hill for the score. Unfair! Anyway, I still don't like the Saints not having Michael Thomas and I don't know if Drew Brees will get up every time he gets hit, but it doesn't seem to be affecting them so far.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1)

The Buccaneers finally showed me something! Now it was against a depleted Detroit Lions team that didn't even have a coach Saturday. Nevertheless, it showed that Tom Brady can still force the ball down the field effectively. Do I think they can hang with the top NFC teams? No, but it is Tom Brady and his receiving core in Tampa may be the best in the league.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (+1)

I'm not putting too much stock in the Steelers win over the Colts on Sunday. Pittsburgh still can't run the ball and Ben Roethlisberger looks more and more uncomfortable with every pass. I've never seen a team just avoid the run all together like this Steelers team. It seems in every single short yardage situation, Ben is throwing a quick inside route every single time. In one series on Sunday, the Steelers ran four straight plays from the shotgun inside the 5 yard line. On two of those plays, there wasn't even a running back in the backfield with Ben! I don't know if its coaching or if they really don't trust James Connor at all. Either way, without a run game, this team will not be successful in the post season playing this way.

9. Tennessee Titans (-2)

I wanted the Titans the show me something in a big game Sunday night. Unfortunately, they got outclassed by the Packers. I know the weather was bad, but Tennessee needed to play better and at least make the game competitive. If you look at the other teams in the AFC playoffs, bad weather is all but assured if they have to travel.

10. Miami Dolphins (UR)

I should just rank the top 9. The Dolphins don't deserve to be here. John Gruden deserves to be fired. That's all.

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