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NFL Power Rankings: Steelers Continue Slide, Bills Rise

1. Kansas City Chiefs (-)

If the Chiefs can stay healthy they will win another Super Bowl this season. The gap between Kansas City and the rest of the league seems to grow with every side arm pass from likely MVP Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes and the Chiefs spotted the Dolphins 10 points, gave up a 30 yd sack and gifted Miami 4 turnover. So the Dolphins killed them right? No, the Chiefs were winning 30-10 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Tyreek Hill has now scored a touchdown if every game this season but three while teammate Travis Kelce has scored in all but four. I will continue to say, if the Chiefs need a touchdown there is no defense in the league that will stop them.

2. Green Bay Packers (-)

The Packers took care of business Sunday in Detroit. Rodgers got off to a slow start, but still ended the game with nearly 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. He’s reverting back into his MVP form and if he makes a late season push, he could steal a few votes from Patrick Mahomes for league MVP. Devonte Adams is the real deal! Adam’s is now averaging over 100 yards per game receiving and has a career high 14 touchdown catches. Health has been an issue in his career, but when he is healthy he is no doubt a top receiver in the league. If the Packers can keep the running game as an option it will allow Rodgers to continue to pick apart defenses and should give them the edge in a crowded NFC.

3. Buffalo Bills (+2)

Bills-Steelers was UGLY Sunday night. Both offenses looked lost in the first half. The good news for the Bills is they played one of their sloppiest games of the season and still convincingly beat a 11-1 Steelers team. Josh Allen did play better in the second half and man is Stefon Diggs good! Allen is really showing his progression by realizing he was struggling and looking for the best player on the field, Diggs, and passed his way 14 times. Diggs had 10 catches for over 130 yards and a touchdown, being the only real bright spot for both teams on the night. A guy like Diggs is a difference maker in the playoffs. Do we remember what he did to the Saints in the final seconds of that playoff game a few years ago? We know any team playing the Chiefs needs to score a lot of points and the Bills are continuing to show that the offense is capable of doing just that. (they still don’t have a chance)

4. Los Angeles Rams (+2)

The Rams had something to prove Thursday night. They officially became contenders for the NFC crown this season. Am I convinced on Jared Goff? No. But, I do trust Sean Mcvey as a top coach in this league that can coach an lesser team to the Super Bowl. The guy seems to be a genius and I believe most coaches would have the Rams around .500 at best right now. The other aspect the Rams have going for them is the health of the team. Its rare in the NFL to be this healthy this late into the season but the Rams are doing just that. Even in a season where teams are losing half of their roster to the COVID list seemingly every week. As long as Goff doesnt turn the ball over and just plays a game manager roll, be careful of the Rams stealing the NFC championship.

5. New Orleans Saints (-2)

Im sorry Saints fans, but Taysom Hill is not your quarterback of the future. You better pray Drew Brees sticks around for a few more years. Hill threw an interception and coughed up a fumble while being sacked 5 times on Sunday. Taysom Hill continually tries to do too much and it turns costly for the Saints. New Orleans allowed an average at best defense in the Eagles shut them out in the first half. Now, there are a couple reasons why the Saints didn’t fall further down my power rankings this week. The Saints defense did have to play a scrambling QB in Jalen Hurts in his first start. In recent years we have seen in the NFL that scrambling quarterbacks seem to have early success before teams get tape and gameplan against them. The second and more obvious reason is the Saints don’t have one of the best ever in Drew Brees under center. This team showed all year how dangerous they are with Brees and I expect more of the same when he returns.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (-2)

The Steelers should feel lucky to still be in the top ten this week. Most Pittsburgh fans that I’ve talked too don’t believe in this team either. Ben looked old and brittle Sunday night. He is still having issues pushing the ball down the field and when he did, he threw 2 interceptions. The run game was again non existent. In James Connors return he could only pick up 18 yards on 10 carries. All three running backs for the Steelers had less than 20 rushing yards and the team again only had 17 carries in the game. The positive for Pittsburgh is they play Cincinnati this week in a game where they can really get things turned around. They need to win a few games down the stretch or they will be in danger of losing the top spot in the competitive AFC North.

7. Baltimore Ravens (+2)

What a game!!! The Browns vs Ravens was the best Monday Night Football game I’ve ever seen. Yes I said that. The dueling heisman quarterbacks had me on the edge of my seat all night. Then to see Lamar Jackson return from the locker room at the last second on 4 and 5 and throw a touchdown pass was cinematic. It wasnt over yet though as Baker Mayfield marched the Browns right back down the field to tie the game before the best long distance kicker ever, Justin Tucker, kicked the game winning field goal. It’s not all great news for Baltimore though, as the secondary is beat up. The Ravens have a real problem if Jimmy Smith is out. Baltimore could not get much pressure on Baker Mayfield either, which continues to be an ongoing problem. The one thing we do know is that no team in the AFC wants to see the Ravens in the playoffs.

8. Seattle Seahawks (-1)

The Seahawks fall victim this week to being inactive. Oh wait, they did play Sunday. They destroyed the Jets 40-3. Who hasn’t though? I know you have to play the teams that are on your schedule, but beating the Jets doesn’t increase your spot in these power rankings.

9. Tennessee Titans (not ranked)

I don’t know what to make of the Tennessee Titans. There are weeks were they look like a team poised to make a run to the AFC championship, but then they play a game like last week against the Browns and I drop them out of my top ten. Derrick Henry is obviously a problem for opponents. He had over 200 yards rushing this week, even though he was running untouched through 5 yards wide holes at the line of scrimmage. As I watch the weather in these AFC games get worse and worse I can’t help but think of how hard it’s going to be to get Henry on the ground. This Titans team is tough and much like the Ravens, nobody wants to see this team in January and February.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-)

I watched almost every snap of the Bucs- Vikings matchup Sunday and to be honest, I wasnt impressed with the Bucs. I thought coming in off a few rough weeks and the bye that Tom Brady and Tampa would come out on fire. That didnt happen at all. Brady was missing open receivers and when he did hit them, they dropped the ball. The Bruce Arians/ Tom Brady connection is not working for me. I’m giving them one more week in the top ten to impress me against the Falcons or I’m out on Tompa Bay For good.

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