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Power Ranking the Remaining Playoff Teams

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs defense finally showed up on Sunday, holding Drew Brees to 134 yards passing and 3 costly interceptions. They also made Michael Thomas a non-factor in the game, holding him to 0 receptions. Now there are two reasons I worry for the Bucs next week in Lambeau. One reason is just how much better Aaron Rodgers has been playing than any other quarterback in the league, but more importantly, is the offense of Tampa Bay. Tom Brady really didn't play that great last night. He was held under 200 yards passing and only completed one pass over 20 yards. Getting over the top of the defense can get even harder next week, as it looks like WR Antonio Brown is injured.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

This is simple, if Mahomes is healthy, the Chiefs are the best team in the league. If Mahomes is not healthy they will get blown out next week. Chad Henne made some

2. Buffalo Bills

The Bills defense made a statement against the Ravens on Saturday night. Not only did the do a great job slowing down the Ravens record setting running game, they came up with the pick-6 to win the game. Josh Allen didn't play all that well, but that Ravens secondary is no joke. He did a great job looking for Diggs any time he was in trouble or needed a big play. Not turning the ball over against that defense is a huge win. Next weeks matchup against the Chiefs is going to be highly talked about because of the Mahomes injury, but the Bills can't take the Chiefs lightly no matter who is at quarterback with the weapons on the offensive side of the football.

1. Green Bay Packers

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