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TSB's Super Bowl Sunday Bets

Super Bowl Sunday always brings the fun opportunity to place some prop bets on everything that happens during the game. Here's our picks for the big game

-- Tails on the opening coin flip (+100)

-- First play from scrimmage will be a pass (-124)

-- Travis Kelce or Mike Evans to score the first touchdown of the game (+425)

-- Tyrann Mathieu will have an interception (+300)

-- Under 1.5 lead changes (+120)

-- Chiefs win and game total +60 points (+300)

-- Chiefs -3.5 (-117)

-- Super Bowl MVP to be awarded to someone other than a QB (+220)

Good luck to everyone and hopefully you aren't down before the game even starts..............

P.s. please use this coin NFL

Comment any fun bets you are taking on Sunday!!

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