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V-Ray V3.60.03 And Phoenix FD V3.10.00 For 3ds Max 2014-2018 virgana




The easy-to-use workflow of this V-Ray plug-in includes everything you need to work with V-Ray materials for 3D rendering and V-Ray subsurface scattering and reflection for 3D animation. Features: * Deep integration with V-Ray: The V-Ray for 3ds Max plug-in includes the entire V-Ray rendering engine for easy integration in your 3D workflow, including materials, light sources, projectors, and more. * Easy to Use: Quickly and easily navigate through the integrated V-Ray interface and choose from an assortment of preset V-Ray materials and projects. * Advanced Post-Processing and Color Management: Use the V-Ray Color Transform node to choose and control the color transformations applied to your rendering. You can adjust the color of your subsurface scattering or reflection for a more realistic look. * Light, Shadow, and Subsurface Scattering: Advanced and versatile subsurface scattering technology provides an authentic look to your projects. * A V-Ray Powered Camera: The V-Ray camera is powered by V-Ray shaders, giving your renderings high-end quality and unparalleled realism. * Flexible Sampling Mode: Quickly and efficiently render your scenes for any industry using the latest CPU and GPU technologies. * Fast Performance: V-Ray for 3ds Max leverages high-performance V-Ray shaders. The plug-in supports rendering resolutions up to 36 billion tris and generates render previews at 30 fps with native support for any Mac or Windows platform. * Unlimited 3D renders: No longer are you limited to rendering only a small number of projects. Whether you're working on a single scene, multiple scenes, or an entire project, V-Ray for 3ds Max gives you the ability to render unlimited scenes and create a render history. * Support for Mac OS X and Windows: The plug-in supports a Mac or Windows workstation. More Info Platform Windows and Mac OS X File Size 3.5 MB Language English Version 2.1 Warranty Support Our website uses cookies. By using our services and navigating our website you agree to the use of these cookies. Cookies help web navigation by keeping record of your preferences. They also help to ensure that the website operates properly. They do not contain any personal information. If you do not accept



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V-Ray V3.60.03 And Phoenix FD V3.10.00 For 3ds Max 2014-2018 virgana

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