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AFC Conference Championship Preview: Bills vs Chiefs

Man, Sunday is going to be one of the best days of football in a long time. Not only do we get to watch two all-time great quarterbacks play in the early window, but later we get to watch the clear top-two teams in AFC face off for a spot in the Super Bowl. Lets look at what both teams need to advance to the Championship in Tampa Bay.

What the Bills need to win:

Other than MVP Aaron Rodgers, there has been nobody better at the quarterback position this year than Josh Allen. Allen has been superb in the playoffs this year. His most impressive stat to me, is no turnovers in the two game against two top defenses in the Colts and the Ravens. Allen will need to continue that form and get Stefon Diggs involved against a vulnerable Chiefs defense. On the other side of the line of scrimmage, the defensive secondary cemented last weeks win for the Bills, and will need to be even better against the most dangerous receiving core in the league on Sunday. Not only will they need to keep Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill in check, they will need to force a few turnovers.

What the Chiefs need to win:

For the Chiefs its easy, what is the health status and effectiveness of Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is certainly going to play, but how will his foot effect his mobility. The former Super Bowl MVP also has had some shaky throwing performances this week and will need to be on top form against a secondary that is always looking to take the ball away. On defense, Kansas city doesn't have to worry one bit about the run game of Buffalo. Buffalo last week passed the ball on 1 straight plays at one point.

I really want the Bills to win this I believe that they can, buuuuuut I'm sticking with my preseason Super Bowl pick. I just trust the Chiefs offense more than the Bills defense. Chiefs win in a shootout. Chiefs 31-27.

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