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National Championship Preview: Ohio St vs Alabama

Ohio State(The Ohio State) - 8 National Championships. Alabama - 17 National Championships. On Monday night we get to watch arguably the top 2 programs in college football history fight it out for the 2020-2021 National Champion crown. Lets take a look at what needs to happen for each of these teams to go home the winners.

For Ohio State to win

Ohio State is coming in off a statement win last week in the Sugar Bowl. The Buckeyes heard all week about how good Clemson was and how they didn't deserve to be there because they've only played 6 games this year. Well, they went out and simply dominated Trevor Lawrence and the Tigers from start to finish. Justin Fields had one of the best playoff performances we've ever seen, throwing for six touchdown passes in the 49-28 victory. They will need Fields to be just as good if they want to knock off Alabama on Monday night. The offensive line has shown to be one of the best in the country and will need to protect Fields while also opening running lanes for the surprising Buckeyes backfield. They will need to keep the Tide defense on their toes similarly to last week against Clemson, by mixing in deep passes over the top of the young secondary. The Ohio State defense will have their hands full and will need to try and capitalize on any mistakes the inexperienced Alabama quarterback could make.

For Alabama to win

The Crimson Tide need to just keep doing what they've done all season. It hasn't been discussed much, but this season's Alabama offense may be the most dominant ever in college football. They're averaging nearly 50 points a game, and have scored over 41 points in every game but one(38-19 win over Mizz). There just aren't many programs who can lose their best player, Jaylen Waddle, and have his replacement, DeVonta Smith, win the Heisman. All this offensive firepower covers the fact that the defense has played superb this season. Alabama's defense ranked in the top 10 in the country, a huge feat for the team that plays in the loaded SEC. Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide just need to play like they have all season and stay away from making costly mistakes.

Alabama should and will win this game. The offense is just too much of a powerhouse, and I don't see the Buckeye defense having any answers. Especially if we see the return of Jaylen Waddle. I really like Justin Fields and I think he will have another spectacular performance, but it wont be enough to stop the Tide from rolling. Alabama wins 48-28.

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