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NBA Power Rankings 1/31

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10. San Antonio Spurs (6-4)

Lamarcus Aldridge and the San Antonio Spurs seem to finally over the slow start to the season and are finally stringing together some wins. Although the did fall to the Grizzlies this week, the teams wins over the Nuggets and the Celtics were impressive.

9. Memphis Grizzlies (6-4)

The Memphis Grizzlies have won six games in a row, including big wins over the 76ers and the Nets. Yesterday the team played its first game since January 18th and didn't look they lost any of the momentum they gained before the COVID-19 break, beating the Spurs 129-112.

8. Denver Nuggets (7-3)

The Denver Nuggets have now won 6 put of their last 7 seven games, including Wednesday's blowout of the Miami Heat. Michael Porter Jr seems to finally being hitting his stride this season, accounting for a team high 30 points on Saturday in the teams win in Phoenix.

7. Boston Celtics (6-4)

Although the Celtics defense has looked better in recent weeks, Boston had no answer for Joel Embiid and the 76ers in back to back losses this week. Boston will need to figure out the defensive woes soon before the crowded Eastern Conference starts to pull away.

6. Milwaukee Bucks (6-4)

The Milwaukee Bucks showed again this week that they cannot compete with the top teams in the league right now. Losing to the Nets and Lakers back to back is not going to help the teams confidence moving forward.

5. Brooklyn Nets (8-2)

The Brooklyn Nets have been on a weird stretch as of late and are still struggling on how the big 3 will play together. Yes wins over the Bucks and Heat are impressive, the 2 awful back to back losses to the Cavaliers can't be overlooked.

4. Philadelphia 76ers (7-3)

Joel Embiid has looked dominant in recent games, especially in the two big wins against the Celtics and the teams narrow win over the Lakers. We again see how dominant Embiid can be at times, the problem being the consistency.

3. Los Angeles Lakers (7-3)

The Lakers had their toughest week of the season last week. The good news is the team did bounce back with a win against the Celtics last night, and Anthony Davis seemed to rekindle some of the magic he showed last season. For the Lakers to be successful they can't rely as heavily on Lebron James as they have thus far.

2. Los Angeles Clippers (9-1)

The Clippers have been on fire recently, winning 11 out of their last 12 games and are now tied for the top spot in the Western Conference. Its not all perfect for the second LA team though, as they will be without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George for at least the next few games who are out due to COVID-19 exposure.

1. Utah Jazz (10-0)

11 wins in a row. Do I need to say anymore?

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