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NHL Power Rankings: 2/2

(UR)10. Florida Panthers (5-0-1)

The Florida Panthers have the highest point % in the league. So why are they ranked only ranked 10th? They've only played Chicago, Columbus and Detroit, not exactly the top teams in the league. And its not going to get much tougher this week for the only undefeated team in regulation, their next 4 games are against Nashville and Detroit.

(UR) 9. Philadelphia Flyers (7-2-1)

The Flyers haven't really been playing well, but wins are all that matter right? Phili has won 4 games in a row and sit atop the Eastern Conference with the Washington Capitals. This week will give us a better picture of this Flyers team, as they play Washington and Boston back to back.

(UR) 8. Carolina Hurricanes (5-1-0)

The Hurricanes had a very impressive week, beating the Dallas Stars twice and the defending Stanley Cup Champions. They have a chance to continue their hot streak with the next 4 games coming against two of the worst teams in the league, Chicago and Columbus.

(-6) 7. Vegas Golden Knights (5-1-1)

Vegas is the latest team to suffer schedule changes due to COVID-19. Another problem the team faces may again come in a goaltender competition. The coaches may be forced to elevate Marc-Andre Fleury back into the starting role based on his hot start to the season.

(-) 6. Tampa Bay Lightning (5-1-1)

Tampa suffered a few tough losses to Carolina and Columbus this week, but are another team that has a chance to stack a few wins in the coming games. The teams next four games come against Nashville and Detroit.

(-) 5. Boston Bruins (6-1-2)

Boston is off to a great start of the season and somehow split the matchup with Washington this week even after falling behind 3-0 in both games. They will need to play better in the first period of games, especially this week against the quick starting Flyers.

(-) 4. Colorado Avalanche (6-3-1)

The Avalanche has struggled with consistency this season so far. When they are firing on all cylinders they look like the best team in the league, they just need to realize in a shortened season you can't take nights off.

(+3) 3. Toronto Maple Leafs (7-2-1)

The big guns of the Maple Leafs are still playing great and the team is doing a great job of winning close or one-goal games. I still worry about the goaltending and the defense who again seem to fall asleep at times.

(+5) 2. Washington Capitals (6-1-3)

The Washington Capitals made the biggest jump in the rankings this week, mainly because of how well they've played while missing their best player and their starting netminder. And just a side note, if you want to watch the best 4th line in hockey, pay attention to the trio of Carl Hagelin, Nic Dowd and Garnet Hathaway.

(+1) 1. Montreal Canadiens (6-1-2)

The Canadiens again proved me wrong this week. I said in last weeks rankings that this would be the one and only time you see Montreal on top of the list. Well, here they are again. They did finally lose a game in regulation, but they've clearly been the most consistent team in the league and still lead the league in goal differential at +15(+5 more than any other team).

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