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Opinion: Doug Pederson Deserves to be Fired

If I was a Philadelphia Eagle, I would of went to the owner last night after the game and requested a trade. What Doug Pederson and the Eagles coaches did last night on national television was embarrassing. How Pederson made it through the night with his job is baffling to me after the questionable decisions he's made all year and specifically last night. First, Pederson, late in the 3rd quarter, passed up kicking a game tying field goal to go for it on a low percentage 4th down. Doug then pulled Jalen Hurts at the end of the third quarter of a three point game in favor of third string quarterback Nate Sudfeld. Pederson said he made the move too "give Sudfield a look". A look? Sudfield is a 27 year old career backup or third string quarterback. Why would you want to take a look at him when you have two quarterbacks on the bench who take up a huge percentage of your salary cap? Wouldn't it make more sense to take a look at your rookie quarterback in a late game situation against one of the leagues best defenses? Hurts looked shocked by the decision and was the only reason the Eagles offense had any points all night long. Now, Pederson is in jeopardy of ruining his relationship with Hurts, just as he did earlier in the season with Carson Wentz. Pederson then went into the post game press conference and slapped his team in the face by saying he tried to win the game. Admit it, you lost on purpose. Roger Goodell should give Philadelphia owner Jeffrey Lurie a call and look into the integrity of Sunday nights game. How could a veteran player come back and play for Doug Pederson next year? He doesn't deserve the respect of the players. He doesn't deserve his job.

Lurie needs to make the right decision and find a replacement for Pederson sooner rather than later. I'm not one to call for peoples jobs and I understand that the organization has uncertainty at the quarterback position, but the thing I am certain about is neither quarterback wants to play under a liar like Doug Pederson. A fresh start is only way to rectify the mess Pederson has the Eagles organization in right now. Could you imagine the boo's and fan reaction if their was a crowd at Lincoln Financial Field last night? Pederson needs to go now before he hurts the franchise's future even more than he already has.

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