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Opinion: Stop Lying About Lamar Jackson

Stop pushing the narrative that Lamar Jackson can't win and doesn't play well in big games. You can't turn on ESPN this week without hearing this narrative repeated over and over again by talking heads who never watched the games. The fact is, Lamar Jackson has won countless big games and has the best record ever by a quarterback through their first 37 games played (Oh yeah, and a MVP). The media continues to ignore all that Jackson has done and focuses only on handpicked games and his 0-2 playoff record. If you don't believe me, lets go through some of Jackson's big wins.

1. Week 7, 2019 vs Seattle

Coming into this game, Russell Wilson was the odds on favorite to easily take home the league MVP and the Seahawks were considered heavy NFC favorites. Lamar outdueled Russ to a 30-16, rushing for over 100 yards and a touchdown. Jackson went on to win unanimous MVP over Wilson.

2. Week 9, 2019 vs New England

Two weeks after defeating the Seahawks, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens welcomed the undefeated Patriots into M&T Bank Stadium. Not only was this a very important game for determining the AFC playoff seeding, it was a nationally televised Sunday Night Football game. Jackson out played Tom Brady and the Pats, scoring 3 total touchdowns and easily downing New England 37-20.

3. Week 13, 2019 vs San Francisco

Lamar Jackson had to face the best defense in the league and eventual NFC Champion San Francisco on a rainy, windy Sunday. Both teams struggled throwing the football because of the weather conditions. Jackson scored 2 touchdowns and ran for over 100 yards in the 20-17 victory.

4. Week 14, 2019 vs Buffalo

For the fourth time is six weeks, the Ravens and Lamar Jackson had to play a playoff team. The team remained undefeated over that stretch thanks too Jacksons 3 touchdown passes against fellow 1st round pick Josh Allen.

5. Week 14, 2020 vs Cleveland

Come on, do I need to recap this one? If you need a recap.

These are just a few examples to prove that there is nothing to back up the claims that Lamar Jackson comes up small in important games. None at all. Is he 0-2 in the playoffs? Yes, but so was Peyton Manning(0-3 actually). Look at the rest of the 2018 draft class. If you take out Jackson(#32 overall), the combination of Baker Mayfield (#1 overall), Sam Darnold (#3 overall), Josh Allen (#7 overall) and Josh Rosen (#10 overall) are 66-75 as starters and are 0-1 in the playoffs. Do these guys all get the same criticism? Josh Allen surely hasn't this year.

Why the media continues to bash and hate on Lamar Jackson is baffling to me, but it wont matter after Baltimore defeats Tennessee on Sunday......

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