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Opinion: Top 3 Landing Spots for Matthew Stafford

With the Detroit Lions announcing this week that the 12-year veteran would be traded this offseason, here are my top 3 destinations for Stafford to play next season.

3. Washington Football Team

Why it makes sense:

The Washington Football Team have made it known they are in the market for a quarterback this offseason, and with over $35 million in cap space for next season they have the money to get it done. They have a ton of young intriguing pieces on the offensive side of the ball and obviously have a ferocious defense that is always looking to give the ball back to the offense. This could be one of the best options if Stafford wants the best chance at winning a division in the horrid NFC East. The GM connection with Stafford is also very strong, as new Washington general manager Martin Mayhem was the one who drafted Stafford #1 overall to the Lions in 2009.

Why it doesn't make sense:

With the team being so young, how far will head coach Ron Rivera be willing to go to get a quarterback. To get Stafford the team will certainly have to give up the teams 19th overall draft pick and probably the 2nd and 3rd, leaving the team with their first pick coming late in the 3rd round. I'm not sure the team is satisfied enough with the current roster to risk its future right now.

2. New England Patriots

Why it makes sense:

This may not be the most obvious choice, but I think this would be a great option for Stafford. First off, the Patriots obviously need a new quarterback after the Cam Newton experiment didn't work out and the team has over $50 million in cap space for next season. Not only would the cap space allow for Stafford's contract, it would also allow the Pats to bring in a free agent receiver like Kenny Galloday. Golloday has been Stafford's favorite target the last few years in Detroit and Galloday could help younger receivers like N'Keal Harry improve and mature. Another plus for Stafford moving to New England would be the recent signing of former Lions head coach Pat Patricia back to the Patriots staff as well as the reported friendship between Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Why it doesn't make sense:

Although Bill Belicheck has worked a trade with all 31 teams in his tenure in New England, he's never showed a willingness to trade high draft picks for star players. Belichick always seems to sign disgruntles vets who are willing to take a pay cut to join the roster. Obviously the price for Stafford is going to be high and I'm not sure Bill will give up what the Lions are asking.

1. Indianapolis Colts

Why is makes sense:

The best job in the world right now that is hiring is the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. Not only does the team have a ton of open cap space for next season($70 million), the team may have the best and deepest offensive line in the league. Obviously this would be great for an aging quarterback in entering his 13th season who has struggled his entire career with injuries. The Colts want to win now and will do whatever it takes. They could sign another receiver to with T.Y Hilton and the team still has one of the best young running backs in Jonathan Taylor. Stafford could also see an easy path to a division title in the AFC South. The Jaguars are in a rebuild, the Texans are a dumpster fire right now, and the defense of the Titans is becoming a huge problem in Tennessee. I think Stafford is better than Rivers was last year and could easily lead this team to success immediately upon arriving in Indy.

Why it doesn't make sense:

There is only one way this deal doesn't happen and its because another team outbids the Colts. Since the Colts did make the playoffs last season, their draft pick did fall all the way too 21st overall and they have no other extra draft pick stock in the first 3 rounds. Other teams like Washington, Carolina, San Francisco and even Las Vegas may have better packages to offer the Lions.

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