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Opinion: Top 3 Trade Destinations for Deshaun Watson

With the Deshaun Watson openly asking to be traded away from the Houston Texans, here are the top 3 places Watson should look to play. All 3 of the options will take into account cap restraints and asking price.

3. Carolina Panthers

Why it makes sense

By the end of last season, Carolina Panthers management openly discussed frustration wit the play of starting QB Teddy Bridgewater and the team knows they need a quarterback and they need one sooner rather than later. With the #8 pick in this years draft, Carolina knows that the chances they can get a franchise quarterback to win now are slim and would certainly be open to move the veteran quarterback and his remaining one year contract. The Panthers could package Bridgewater and the next 3 first round picks to make a strong offer to the Texans for Watson. Watson would certainly wave his no trade clause to play with arguably the best running back in the game today in Christian McCaffery and young budding superstar in WR D.J. Moore. In an aging NFC South division whose future is up in the air, Watson could see a way into the playoffs over the next several years in Carolina.

Why it doesn't make sense

Teddy Bridgewater does have a rather large cap hit of $18 million next year and the financially struggling Texans may not want to take on the salary in a probable rebuild situation. The Panthers are also a very young team and may have second thought sending so many high draft picks especially when the franchise has shown to be more conservative in the past.

2. Miami Dolphins

Why it makes sense

A lot of people have the Dolphins as the most obvious place for Deshaun Watson to call home next season and its hard to argue why not. The Dolphins have a massive amount of draft picks to offer the Texans, as well as the best quarterback option to send in return. Miami could send Tua as well as the 3rd, 36th and 113th overall pick this season and a first round pick next season to secure Watson from the Texans. Watson has already publicly said the Dolphins are a prime destination for him and surely he could attract other free agents to the city with beaches and no state tax.

Why it doesn't make sense

I think the Dolphins would certainly take Watson over Tua, but I'm not so sure the Texans really want Tua. The Texans could use the 3rd overall pick they receive to select Justin Fields out of Ohio State. This immediately makes the deal more complicated because the Dolphins will need a 3rd team involved in the deal to ship Tua. Could the Bears fit in the deal? Probably, but the Texans want to get Watson out as quick as possible and other deals may just be easier to get done.

1. Denver Broncos

Why it makes sense

The reason the Broncos make the most sense to me has to do with none other than John Elway. To say that Elway has struggled to find a quarterback since moving into an executive position with the Broncos organization would be an understatement. From Trevor Simeon all the way to Joe Flacco, Denver hasn't had a quarterback since and old Peyton Manning came to town. But now, Elway has exactly what he needs right in front of him, and the team has the assets to get the deal done. Denver could send QB Drew Lock and their next three 1st rounders to secure a franchise quarterback in Deshaun Watson. Watson would love to come to Denver and play with a slew of young talent including WR Jerry Jeudy and a returning WR Courtland Sutton. This move could also endear new GM George Paton to the Broncos fanbase and prove they are still in a win now mentality. The fans will also love to see a new big name star in town with impending free agent Von Miller most likely exiting the franchise soon.

Why it doesn't make sense

The Broncos could simply get outbid from other teams like Carolina or the San Francisco 49ers with quarterback talent to trade. If the Texans are looking for a quarterback in return, I'm sure they would like Jimmy G, Teddy Bridgewater or Tua over Drew Lock.

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