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This Week in Sports History & Trivia

Trivia: This former actor and Hall of Fame quarterback went 64-64-4 as a starter and signed a record 3-year rookie contract in 1965 for $427,000 and a Lincoln Continental.

Hint 1: Drafted #1 overall in the AFL while being selected #12 overall in the NFL draft that same year

Hint 2: Attended the University of Alabama under Bear Bryant

Hint 3: His team got their first win of the season this past Sunday

Answer at bottom

This Week in Sports History

On December 20th, 1966 the NBA awarded the city of Seattle a franchise to begin play in the 1967 season. The SuperSonics would go on to win the 1978 Championship before being moved to Oklahoma City after the end of the 2007-2008 season. Earlier this week, ESPN reported that the NBA is looking into expansion amid the current financial problems the league finds themselves in. This has restarted the rumors that Seattle could be getting another franchise sooner rather than later.

Answer: Joe Namath

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