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This Week in Sports History & Trivia

Trivia: This NHL Hall of Famer played an amazing 32 years of professional hockey, 26 of which were played in the NHL. In his career, he won the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Art Ross trophy six times and scored a career high 103 points in 1968-69.

Hint #1: played 26 seasons in the NHL and 6 in the WHA and played in a NHL record 1,767 games

Hint #2: he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1972, and in 2008 he was honored with the first ever NHL lifetime achievement award.

Hint #3: although he has a type of "hat trick" named after him in which a player scores a goal, an assist and has a fight, he only accomplished the stat twice in his career.

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This Week in Sports History

On January 27th, 1989, Detroit Red Wings center Steve Yzerman became the 4th NHL player to record 100 points in 50 games played or fewer. This season, the NHL is only playing a 56 game schedule, will someone become the 5th player ever to record 100 points?

Answer: Gordie Howe

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