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Top 10: NHL Retro Jerseys

With the NHL season only weeks away, we thought we could have some fun and excitement by ranking the newly releases Reverse Retro jerseys. Let us know what you think in the comments! We will be releasing our NHL preseason power rankings and season preview soon!

The Bottom of the Barrel: Most of these bottom of the barrel teams just didn't try. The worst to me is the Detroit Red Wings. Much like they're team the last few years, effort was just lacking and they should be embarrassed.

10. Boston Bruins

I didn't like these Bruins jerseys at first, but they have really grown on me. It seems every other Boston alternate jersey is black so I like the switch up this time. It does give off an original six team feel like it should, I just hate that shoulder patch logo.

9. Edmonton Oilers

I know the point of these jerseys were to stand out and look a little ridiculous, but the clean look of this Oilers jersey is fantastic. They played it safe and it works well for me.

8. Calgary Flames

Could this be the coolest logo in sports?? How could you not like "Blasty" the flaming horse who perfectly brings together the city of Calgary.

7. Carolina Hurricanes

This isn't the best Whalers recreated jersey I've ever seen, but who cares its still awesome. And why are the Hurricanes named after a natural disaster anyway? Bring back the Whalers!

6. Colorado Avalanche

This jersey is a great way of paying homage to the franchises roots as the Nordiques, but still looking like a great Avs jersey. A lot of people had high hopes for this jersey and they didn't disappoint.

5. Minnesota Wild

A lot of people hate this jersey. I'm not one of those sad people. I think the jersey looks clean and I don't mind the Wild logo in North Stars colors. And since the NHL may have more outdoor games this season, wouldn't these jerseys look cool in an outdoor game at Lambeau in a not so far away Green Bay?

4. Arizona Coyotes

Another Jersey that is hit or miss for fans. Ill be honest I hate the cactus on the bottom but the Coyote logo is the best in team history and one of the best in NHL history. I also like purple as you'll see again later.

3. Washington Capitals

I'm a little biases here, but I love the Caps screaming eagle logo. Do I love the crazy color combo? Not necessarily, but I think the Capitals may have nailed the point of the jersey better than anyone else with this one.

2. Los Angeles Kings

If you've never seen an NHL game before in your life, you would instantly know that a Los Angeles team was playing when you saw these sweaters. This Jersey screams LA and it makes me think of the late Kobe Bryant's championships with the Lakers. Great job Kings.

1. Anaheim Ducks

Do I need to explain? If this isn't your favorite jersey you probably don't like fun. You probably think players shouldn't celebrate after they score too, huh?

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