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Who's Trending: NFL Week 15

Winner - Chase Young And The Washington D Line

Chase Young. Jonathan Allen. Montez Sweat. Ryan Kerrigan. Daron Payne. These five former 1st round picks make up the best defensive line in football. They have been the reason the Football Team has went on a 4 game winning streak. During the streak the defense is allowing just over 10 points per game and have 12 sacks. Chase Young is the next great pass rusher in the NFL that will keep quarterbacks up at night.

Loser - Cam Newton

The future in New England doesn’t look to promising for Cam Newton at the starting quarterback position. The 24-3 loss to the Los Angeles Rams may be the final straw for the veteran. Let’s face it, Cam has been terrible this year. I don’t know why nobody has been talking about his passing statistics this season. He has thrown an embarrassing 5 touchdowns in 12 games while tossing 10 interceptions. The more you look at the numbers the worse it gets for Newton. He is 26th in the league in passing yards and his year to date QBR is below 45(1-100,league average is 50). I don’t see a way that Belicheck and the Pats bring Cam back for next season. Belicheck may be interested in reaquiring former backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from the 49ers in the offseason. As for where Cam could end up, there aren’t many teams looking for a frequently injured and obviously declining veteran QB.

Winner - Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts played great in his NFL starting debut against a fairly good defense in the New Orleans Saints. He threw for 167 passing yards and gained another 106 yards on the ground. It helped Hurts that a healthy Miles Sanders ran for over 100 yards and 2 touchdowns to take the pressure off the young quarterback. More importantly, it’s great to see the Eagles seem to rally around the rookie and play their best game on both sides of the football to date. Carson Wentz could of been the loser here but I’m a positive guy..... so good for you Jalen Hurts.

Loser - Pittsburgh Steelers

What is happening in Pittsburgh? I’ve never seen an unbeaten team looked so flawed and 2 weeks after their first loss they are being written off by the league. Ben looks old, slow and it doesn’t seem he can throw the ball down the field. The once dominant offensive line has lost a step and can’t get the running backs passed the line of scrimmage. The play calling has been suspect, Tomlins post game answers have been suspect, Ben is talking about retiring again in his press interviews. I’m worried for the Steelers heading into Cincinatti next week. They need to make a statement against the Bengals or I see this team getting bounced in the first round.

Winner - Mitchell Trubisky

Dont get me wrong, Ill be the first to tell you Mitch Trubisky stinks. He’s not a good quarterback. Im also here to tell you, he’s playing pretty well this year and has started in 4 of the Bears 6 wins. In the last 3 games he’s thrown 7 touchdowns, 3 of which came Sunday against the Texans. Will Trubisky lead the Bears back to relevance? No. But maybe he hasn’t deserved all the hate he’s gotten this season.

Big Losers - Every Team Not Named The Chiefs

The Chiefs are good, really really good. The Dolphins are an above average AFC football team that came into the match up winning 6 of their last 7 games this season. The Chiefs gave the Dolphins a 10-0 lead halfway through the second quarter. Patrick Mahomes played terrible, he threw 3 interceptions and in the first quarter lost the most yards on a sack the NFL has seen in over 27 years. The chiefs couldnt run the ball either, with the two running backs totaling just over 50 yards on the ground. All that said, the Dolphins were getting destroyed 30-10 by the end of the 3rd quarter. Even when the Chiefs play terrible they still blow out good football teams. As long as they stay healthy, nobody is beating this Chiefs team. Nobody.

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