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sharmin akter
Apr 12, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
TBS Marketing Succeeds with Click-to-Messenger From one-time service to ad retainer Previously, TBS Marketing was a chatbot agency. It offers graphic design and FAQ chatbot builds for restaurants, e-commerce brands, hotels, and more. After using Facebook Messenger to answer frequently asked questions and provide customer support, TBS wanted to do more with the platform. The company aims to be a strategic partner for client growth, improving key performance metrics such industry mailing list conversion rate, cost per conversion and return on ad spend. TBS marketing now operates in a new space called chat marketing, where businesses push buyers down the sales funnel through real-time conversations. Therefore, personalized interactions with users are critical to building long-term relationships and proving a buyer’s investment with more leads and sales. “Customers see working with us as a way to reduce operational costs through automation,” explained Trilce, “but we want to expand our offering to keep up with consumer behavior.

sharmin akter

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