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Opinion: The CFB Playoff Committee Actually Got it Right (Well Kind of Anyway)

Look, I hate the College Football Playoff Committee. The process is broken and the voters stink. Over the 7 years the committee has decided the playoff teams, they've left me scratching my head more than not. I still am not over how the decision makers left out Penn State in 2016 in favor of Ohio State who got waxed by the Nittany Lions in the Big 10 Championship. Although, this year I think they finally got it right.

Alabama is the team that everyone agrees on. Obviously, the Crimson Tide deserve to play for the National Championship, and lets be honest, they're probably going to win the whole thing. The other three spots are where the controversy come in. The second least surprising choice is #2 Clemson. Clemson ended the season with a 10-1 record and easily handled Notre Dame in the ACC Championship game. Clemson's one loss on the season came to the same Notre Dame team, but in the matchup, Clemson was missing multiple starters including future #1 pick Trevor Lawrence. To me, its obvious that Clemson deserves to be in the playoffs and could be the only team in the country that can compete with Alabama. The #3 selection by the committee was Ohio State, this really made people mad. Ohio State(The Ohio State) only played six games this season, going undefeated and winning the Big 10 Championship. If you have watched Ohio State play this year, you would easily see why they are a top 4 team in the country and deserving of a playoff spot. The Buckeyes ran through the Big 10 competition this season averaging a margin of victory over 21 points. Ohio State also has Heisman hopeful and top pick in the upcoming draft Justin Fields at quarterback. The Final team to make it in the playoffs was Notre Dame. The Irish lost one game this year and it came last week against #2 Clemson in the ACC Championship. To me, If you play in a top conference and your one loss on the season comes to another team in the playoffs, that you previously beat in the same season, how could you not be selected?

If you think the Committee got it wrong, who would you put in? Texas A&M? The Aggies got destroyed by Alabama this season 52-24. Do we really want to watch that again? I understand that the Aggies play in the SEC, but they played and won less games against ranked opponents than Notre Dame. To me, Notre Dame's wins over Clemson and UNC are way more impressive than the Aggies win over an over rated Florida. And if you think Oklahoma should be in the playoffs, you're crazy(or a Sooners fan). Losing against Oklahoma State is unforgiveable and should of knocked the Sooners lower than #6 in the final rankings.

Of course, I don't believe in all the decision the Committee made on Sunday. It doesn't make any sense to me how a 3-loss Florida Gators team gets ranked above an undefeated Cincinnati team. The Bearcats have quality wins and a loss to LSU for Florida should be more detrimental for the Gators. Same goes for a 3-loss Iowa State making a New York Six Bowl game over Indiana or even Coastal Carolina. The issue I have with the selection committee, and it always has been, are the inconsistencies. They seem to change criteria every week and I don't see this changing any time soon. With the committee being so large, the decisions will never make sense and will always be suspect.

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